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Case Studies

Major defence industry manufacturer

A major defence industry manufacturer had a process requiring bonding a composite cover onto a metal body; there were excess adhesive issues, the cover and body had to be manually finished creating dust plus there were overall health and safety concerns. Key to the client was:

  • less remedial action
  • more quickly achieved high quality of finish

CSD designed and built a semi-automatic linishing machine that was compliant and safe to be operated within an ‘explosive’ operating environment.

Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover had an electric drive unit component that needed to be held and manipulated during wash down procedure plus checked for potential contamination. It was essential that the unit was held securely whilst this was conducted to ensure

  • shorter time of assembly process
  • operator safety was enhanced

CSD created a solution for a new JLR product by designing and building tooling capable of surviving in an aggressive chemical environment whilst not corrupting or contaminating samples.


Nissan were changing some of the tooling for their (2021) Qashqai model and needed new lifting solutions for the subframes and axle beams; there were unique process constraints on what was required, particularly the need to:

  • eliminate potential major line reconstruction
  • avoid any excess downtime

CSD designed and built several pieces of novel lifting equipment; these were installed by CSD during a critically limited production shut down window over Christmas 2020. The equipment and CSD’s on site installation skill allowed Nissan to maintain existing processes.

Tier 1 automotive supplier

A Tier 1 automotive supplier were building a new line for the Range Rover ‘Evoque’ model and needed to load/unload pallets but were not able to change the existing pallet design; they also had to buffer full pallets and discharge them for going to plant. A major instruction in the brief was that

  • overall project costs were kept to a minimum
  • work within limitations of existing equipment

CSD provided a full procedural analysis, design and manufactured the solution.

Paper packaging

A client in Europe needed a machine to package low volume reams of A4 paper that could then go for separate wrapping so that individual supermarkets could create small batches of their own branded paper. We needed to ensure satisfaction to

  • multiple end beneficiaries
  • premium perceived value to the final customer

CSD designed, built, shipped and installed a unique machine that could economically do what was needed and which, ten years later, is still running perfectly.

Well-known pharmacy

A well-known pharmacy have an automated pallet storage and retrieval system but there are instances of damaged or misplaced pallets that cause system error states that need to be manually retrieved and re-set. There were potential operator safety issues in doing this.

  • reduced product damage loss
  • significant enhancement of safety

CSD designed and built a semi-automatic retrieval vehicle to collect and remove damaged and mispacked pallets and thus return the system to an automated state.

High value niche sports car producer

A high value niche sports car producer had a new process with adhesive bonding of the vehicle’s aluminium structure, the solution of which required tooling to match specifically with extra delicate body contact points.

  • ultra-stability to retain quality
  • avoidance of damaged part rejection

CSD produced a range of ‘next generation’ tooling and lifting equipment for the handling of chassis components during the assembly process.

World class aerospace manufacturer

A UK based world class aerospace manufacturer was developing a composite technology engine and needed to manipulate a 800kg 4 meter diameter cylinder, issues included

  • large and heavy component transfer
  • multiple sites with differing requirements

CSD designed and built bespoke tooling to manipulate and carry the large item between the 10+ production stages it had to undergo.

Food producer

A UK client wanted a system in a food-based environment that would reduce operator time and product handling; it was also essential that there was a non-shedding pallet design which would eliminate potential product damage.

  • accurate storage and retrieval
  • reduction in product damage loss

CSD created a roll-handling operation which was easy to manage.

NHS Trust

An NHS trust had an issue with using vial cages between an autoclave and goods despatch; the cages were wieldy, unstable and unreliable.

  • providing flexibility in transfer planning
  • added operator comfort

CSD provided a powered solution with single operator built in safety features; this meant that the vial cages could be moved regardless of operator strength.

Aged printing press problem

A printing process machine was 40 years old and there were serious health and safety issues when changing the printing rollers – they were dangerous and not operator friendly and could potentially cause accidents.

  • accommodating outdated original machinery
  • ensuring compatibility with modern production requirements

CSD fulfilled a requirement to produce a custom trolley with built in tooling that would perform the process safely.