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Handling & Lifting

Update your handling equipment without compromising production

When your organisation needs to update tooling for a new upcoming project, there are often unique process constraints on what is required. In this case, your company will need to update your handling equipment while simultaneously:

  • Maintaining existing processes
  • Eliminating potential major line reconstruction
  • Ensuring the changes will maximise productivity & output

CSD Automation can design and build novel handling equipment while your operational processes continue. This ensures that your output is maximised, and you benefit from the new tools you need.

We can make bespoke handling and lifting equipment to assist with automating your production lines for new models or lines; for example, to enable a specific car or machine body to be lifted into place. This makes it more practical for you to use the same production lines for a variety of different models or purposes, which means that you can benefit from:

  • significantly reduced production costs
  • faster changeover times on your production line
  • more precise handling for your components
  • more flexibility within a particular model range

Bespoke systems to match your needs

Your business deserves more than generic ‘off-the-shelf’ standard equipment for general lifting. When your key systems are designed to match your company’s specific needs, you can:

  • Comply with ‘loler’ regulations
  • Build and assemble products to match specific needs
  • Fulfil detailed outcome specifications
  • Accommodate existing operational constraints

With the right bespoke systems in place, your business can successfully manage dangerous handling equipment and lifting tasks while:

  • Maximising efficiency
  • Increasing output
  • Maintaining health & safety

Automated systems offer these tangible benefits to your company. In addition, the likelihood of a staff injury is greatly reduced when machinery reduces the need for manual labour.

Read our case study here.

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