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Industrial Tooling

Leveraging the latest 3D design software to create bespoke industrial tooling

Your business can take its operations to the next level by making use of industry-leading 3D design software. CSD Automation use this tool to simulate your full manufacturing process at the design stage, and ensure that the right first-time solution is delivered.

The best design software helps your company to:

  • Reduce time spent on the assembly process
  • Maximise operational efficiency
  • Enhance the safety of your operators

Our high-end design software, which is part of our overall design capability, can be used for anything, from simple jigs and fixtures to complex end-of-arm tooling, including grippers and vacuum systems. Whatever your needs, our design capability can help.

Video showing Bespoke Battery Tooling under construction

Make use of the right industrial tooling

Your business requires access to the highest quality tools. Conceiving, designing, building, testing and fitting tools are all a vital part of the manufacturing process, and must be used to maximise value for your business.

Amongst other things, these tools can help with:

  • Large component lifting
  • In-situ component placement accuracy
  • Faster transfer of irregular items
  • Movement control of a bulky finished product

Many processes are reliant on the precision with which tooling is produced – whether that be jigs, dies, or cutting tools.

By using the highest quality tools, your business will deliver the optimum end product. CSD Automation will ensure that your organisation has access to tools that are designed and engineered to the highest quality.

High-quality Industrial tooling, available to your business

To ensure the highest-quality tooling, several factors must be considered. These include:

  • Strength and rigidity of the tool
  • Tolerances of the finished part
  • Speed of cutting ability

CSD Automation are committed to providing your company with the highest-quality tooling, bespoke for your requirements. We will assess your needs and use 3D design software with an eye-for-detail that is rarely found in large tooling operations.

Read our case study here.

For a no-obligation discussion of how the right tooling could benefit your company, contact us now.