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Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Maximise security and safety through carefully controlled conditions

For healthcare and pharmaceuticals businesses, precision, security and safety are paramount. Monitoring and controlling manufacturing and distribution processes is essential for maintaining regulatory compliance.

CSD Automation specialise in providing manufacturing process enhancements for healthcare manufacturing, including:

  • automated component and finished product delivery systems
  • precision calibrated equipment to minimise wastage
  • bespoke tools and jigs to fit your manufacturing environment

Our automated processes can help you to improve your plant efficiency, and make more effective use of your space and staff.

Our specialised equipment, jigs and tools can bring extra efficiency to your healthcare manufacturing process. We can adapt your production lines with specific tooling, to enable one production line to be used for multiple product types.

We also supply a range of process equipment to help with automated storage and picking systems, which brings additional benefits by reducing your inventory and stockholding.

We can add sensors and robotic functions to any part of your production line, to improve materials handling and efficiency. Our production line equipment can give you:

  • more efficient, cheaper and leaner production
  • more flexibility and adaptability for individual production lines
  • precision handling of components with custom-built jigs and tools
  • smart processes in materials handling and packaging

Benefit from built-in safety features in your operations

CSD Automation are experts at moving components and products around in factories and warehouses, for manufacture, packaging, or distribution.

We work for some of the UK’s largest heathcare manufacturing businesses, and are very experienced in working in highly regulated industries. We provide:

  • experience of highly demanding environments
  • expertise in delivering ergonomic solutions
  • precision handling for delicate or volatile components
  • robotic intervention systems

Read our case study here.

For a no-obligation discussion of how automation could benefit your healthcare or pharmaceuticals business, contact us now.