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About Us

CSD Automation specialises in the design and manufacture of Bespoke Process Automation Equipment.

Based in Hertfordshire, we can serve you wherever you are in the UK including

  • the South-East
  • Manufacturing Midlands
  • Industrial North
  • Wales
  • Scotland

We serve a wide customer base particularly if you are in

  • Aerospace and Defence
  • Automotive
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Material processing
You will get top designers and engineers creating and building bespoke industry-changing process automation solutions. The team is led by Chris Pykerman – with designers being given plenty of ‘free-rein’ to produce ideas.

By engaging closely with you we ensure that we have a full understanding of your requirements and organisational aims.

Your industry experience combined with our creative expertise gives you

  • design solutions that enhance your effectiveness
  • a commercially competitive advantage

By providing you with

  • original sketches to explore concepts
  • 3D models and simulations to test the reality of ideas
  • manufacturing drawings that specify detailed build needs

you will learn why the technical accuracy of our work has made CSD a preferred supplier to leading organisations around the world.

In addition to this, it is also important that our design engineers get to touch and feel the equipment they have created. They:

  • spend a day every few months assembling and testing the physical products that started out as ideas
  • know for themselves what works and what can be done
  • visit client sites to be with the real end-user – those who will be operating the machines.

A little bit of history…

Following an early career that included an apprenticeship, study and qualification to HNC in Mechanical Engineering, a Mechatronics HND and a final level of BEng (hons) – plus work roles in both the UK and the US, CSD was started by Chris Pykerman in 2007. This was initially as CAD Services, a design consultancy and small manufacturer of its’ own equipment – evolving in 2014 into a full design solutions and bespoke equipment manufacturer for clients throughout the world.

Going forward, and as one of the consequences of the global 2020-2021 covid pandemic, the changing world of Robotics Automation is proving to be of interest as there is now a faster progress requirement to complement human production with that of AI and programmable equipment.

Chris’s particularly likes

  • technical problem solving
  • providing unique, innovative solutions

His commitment is stronger now than ever to

  • improve the design and manufacture solutions that CSD provides
  • invest in personnel and technology to keep CSD ahead in an ever-competitive business environment.

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