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Aerospace & Defence

Improve your process for high-specification components in a volatile environment

In the aerospace and defence industry, you will frequently be working to very high specifications, with difficult-to-handle and volatile components. You need to ensure your manufacturing processes are set up to move and handle items that are:

  • high-precision and complex
  • volatile and sensitive
  • high value
  • large, heavy and problematic

CSD Automation specialise in bespoke handling and process equipment, to ensure that your assembly plants work as efficiently as possible. We can provide internal handling equipment and aerospace tooling, such as jigs and conveyors, for all types of component.

We can help you handle anything from small but highly valuable electronic components, up to large armoured vehicle sections.

Commercial Aviation Composite Automation

Transport items around your campus

Many defence contractors have large campuses and industrial sites. Moving components between buildings on your site can be a problem, and CSD Automation can help. We can implement automated handling systems in your plants that enable you to:

  • Manage changes in site and location
  • Transfer large and heavy components around your site
  • Carry large items between multiple stages/locations for assembly

You can transfer large, sensitive components safely around your site using our bespoke automated systems and aerospace tooling.

Ensure the safety of all your item transitions

Components in the aerospace and defence industries are usually made to extremely high specifications and tolerances. So you need to be sure that any processes you add to assist with your manufacturing process, fully maintain and respect the quality and integrity of the components. You also need to ensure that processes do not pose a safety hazard at any point.

CSD Automation’s automated systems feature:

  • high precision specifications for aerospace tooling
  • ‘soft’ handling systems for delicate components
  • precision component delivery for assembly lines

Read our case study here.

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