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Careful and delicate component transfer

Your automotive business often has very intricate product composition requirements. In particular, you need to maximise the quality of the items you produce and minimise damage to components.

The right automated system can help you to:

  • Maximise product quality through ultra-stable processes
  • Avoid damage to key parts
  • Reduce likelihood of lost production
  • Minimise downtime

CSD Automation has experience producing a range of automotive production equipment, including ‘next generation’ tooling and lifting equipment. You can use this for the handling of components during your assembly process.

Stay one step ahead of the competition

As a UK-based car manufacturer, you want to stay ahead of the curve. By incorporating effective automotive production equipment into your vehicle construction process, you can:

  • Increase product quality
  • Speed up manufacturing times
  • Know where all your parts are, at all times

CSD Automation have extensive experience in working with major global car producers based in the UK. We can make commitments for several years ahead, and can also work with you on individual applications with specialist marques.

Benefit from an industry-leading automated solution

By working with CSD Automation, you will benefit from our:

  • Experience & knowledge of multiple on-site installations
  • Fitting services during pre-designated down-times
  • Resilience to hazardous environments
  • Reliability to ensure continuous production
  • class-leading automotive production equipment

Read our case study here.

For a no-obligation discussion of how automation could benefit your automotive company, contact us now.