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Logistics & Warehouse

Improve your efficiency and use of space

Businesses which store, process and deliver goods need to maximise their efficiency and work in the most ergonomic way possible. Your entire operation depends on everything being in the right place, so picking and loading is right first time, every time.

With effective use of automated systems and warehouse equipment, your logistics company can:

  • Manage inventory better, and reduce stock holdings levels
  • Reduce breakage and product damage
  • Improve the safety and efficiency of your staff

This will improve the effectiveness of your operations, helping to ensure that the right items are picked and delivered using warehouse equipment.

We design and make specialised equipment to aid the storage, picking and packing processes. These include conveyors, lifting equipment, and handling systems. Our tools and processes can be used to handle any size, shape or weight of materials, from tiny electronic components through to automotive and aerospace parts including bodies and engines.

We can add sensors and robotic functions to any part of your storage or packing process, to improve materials handling and efficiency. Our warehouse and logistics equipment can give you:

  • more efficient and cost-effective storage and packing systems
  • more flexible and ergonomic use of storage space
  • custom orientation and positioning equipment for packing lines
  • robotic assistance where you need it for storage, handling, and packaging

Introduce effective automation into your processes

Our warehouse equipment is designed to meet your precise requirements, including:

  • High volume of throughput
  • Retreival of stock from high-density storage
  • Handling bulky, heavy or delicate items
  • Avoiding damage to delivery items

CSD Automation have experience designing and building process improvement systems for many component-handling and logistics businesses.

Read our case study here.

For a no-obligation discussion of how automation could benefit your logistics equipment or storage company, contact us now.