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Food & Beverage

Ensure maximum hygiene throughout your plant

Your food and beverage business works within a tight regulatory environment. You cannot compromise on hygiene or safety – and CSD Automation can help you ensure compliance with maximum efficiency.

We develop bespoke automated solutions that enable your company to:

  • Comply with all regulatory requirements
  • Maximise health and safety
  • Reduce operator time
  • Reduce product handling
  • Eliminate product damage
  • Accurately store and retrieve all your items

We make your food-handling operation more efficient, with food and beverage equipment that is easy to manage, and which is designed to satisfy all regulatory requirements.

CSD Automation are specialist designers and manufacturers of all kinds of food and beverage equipment, including for your assembly and packaging lines. Equipment we make includes conveyors, lifting equipment, handling systems, and robots for precision tasks. Our machinery can be used to handle any size, shape or weight of materials, and can be designed for sterile environments and easy in-depth cleaning.

You can add sensors and robotic functions to improve your food production process, and ensure totally consistent output. Our food production equipment can bring you:

  • more efficient food processing and assembly systems
  • more flexible and cost-effective use of production space
  • custom positioning machinery for packaging lines
  • robotic intervention wherever you need it for food assembly and packaging

Component and finished product handling

You can introduce effective automation into your processes, at both the component input, and finished product output stages. Our bespoke food and beverage equipment can be designed to ensure:

  • easy-to-clean construction
  • easy packing and palletisation
  • sterile food environment

Our equipment is designed to meet your precise requirements, whether they are in hygiene, weight or speed. So you can rest assured theat all processes will continue to meet all your safety and hygiene needs.

Read our case study here.

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