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CSD win Southern Enterprise Award

CSD – Best Automation & Engineering Solutions Manufacturer 2020 – South East England

Best Automation & Engineering Solutions Manufacturer 2020 – South East England

CSD Engineering & Automation (CSD) have proven themselves worthy of the award for Best Automation & Engineering Solutions Manufacturer 2020 – South East England. The company provide bespoke automation and engineering solutions that allow manufacturors to cut down on their costs and improve their efficiency.

Chris Pykerman, Managing Director of CSD, said “Every time a feature is unnecessarily included in a system, it adds to the overall life-cycle costs. These costs include the initial outlay, training, running costs and maintenance of that system. Where a more complex solution is required, we ensure the customer understands the implications and has the necessary resources in place to support it within their business.

“It is very important to me that the design engineers and project managers get to touch and feel the equipment. We encourage our design engineers to spend a day, every few months, assembling and testing the equipment they have designed. This is an essential feedback loop to improve future designs, ensuring they know for themselves at a fine detail level what works and what doesn’t work, what can be done and what can’t be done.”

Not only do the designers get hands on, they also get to travel to clients’ sites. They deal with both the specifics and the real end user — those who will be operating the machines. Capturing real-world complexities and details at an early stage in the design is critical to the bespoke, efficient service that CSD provide.

CSD report a huge drive for British SMEs to automate and streamline their processes:
 “We saw a pickup in this interest in the middle of 2019 leading up to Brexit,” Chris explained. “This has only strengthened post-coronavirus lockdown. Historically, the UK has lagged behind its western manufacturing peers when it comes to investing in automation equipment or robotics. It may be one of the explanations for the UK’s productivity issues. We believe that UK manufacturers have now woken to the issue and we aim to be on the leading edge of the investment cycle.”

Positioned in the South East, the company is well placed to help manufacturers reach their potential. Although there is a perception that London and the South East are primarily financial areas, a substantial amount of manufacturing occurs there. Plus, with their headquarters in north Hertfordshire, CSD are able to easily reach clients in the manufacturing heartland of the midlands.